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- Genetic counseling services

- Genetic counseling consultation

About Us
  • We provide tele-genetic counseling services to individuals in the United States.Both self-referrals and referrals from a provider are available.

    Currently we serve clients living in New York, New Jersey, and California.Please contact us if you reside in different states.

  • We provide genetic counseling consultation to genetic testing companies, hospitals and clinics in Korea and the United States.

  • We are HIPAA compliant and we don’t share any of our clients/patients’information to third parties.

  • Our genetic counselors have graduated from ACGC certified genetic counseling Master's programs and are certified by the ABGC.

    *ACGC: Accreditation Council for Genetic Counseling
    *ABGC: American Board of Genetic Counseling

How GeneticsMode works

Schedule genetic

01Request scheduling

02Schedule confirmation


04Provide patient letter
summarizing the session
both in Korean and English

05Follow Up(as needed)


Refer a patient null

01Submit referral form

02Schedule an appointment
with the patient


04Provide patient letter
summarizing the session
both in Korean and English
to the patient and the provider

05Follow Up (as needed)


Schedule genetic
counseling consultation

01Request scheduling

02Schedule confirmation


04Work on the project

05Follow up


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Privacy Policy for GeneticsMode LLC If you have any questions or concerns regarding our Privacy Policy, please contact us.

GeneticsMode, LLC (Attn: Arang Kim)
Phone: +1 (201) 443-5685

As a provider of internet-based healthcare services, GeneticsMode (the “Company”) takes privacy issue
very seriously. The Privacy Policy (the “Policy”) explains the treatment of the information that is
provided or collected on the websites on which this Policy is posted. By using our website, users consent
to the data practices described in this statement.

Through this Policy, the Company regards the personal information of users as important and informs
them of the purpose and method of the Company’s use of personal information provided by the users
and the measures taken by the Company for protection of those personal information.

This Policy will be effective on the 1st day of September 2021 and, in case of modification thereof, the
Company will make public notice on the Company’s website or individual notice through mail, fax or

GeneticsMode is in full compliance with the privacy requirements under the Health Insurance Portability
and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

1.Information to be collected and method of collection
1) Personal information items to be collected:
i.Requesting services: Name, phone number, email address, home/company address,
occupation, date of birth, gender, personal medical history including past and current
medical history, family history, genetic test results, and social history
ii.Requesting services: For minors, information of legal representatives
iii.Online payment service (The Company uses Stripe to send invoices to our customers.):
Name, phone number, email address, billing address, payment information including
account number and card number
2) Method of collection: Online forms, telephone calling, emailing

2. Use of collected information
The company uses the collected information of users for the following purposes:
1) Respond via email or phone to client’s inquiries that was submitted by the client
2) Schedule an appointment to render services
3) Provide notice of functionality of the Company sites or dapplications or matters on policy
4) For statistical analysis of clients’ service usage in order to provide services and place
5) To comply with applicable laws or legal obligations
6) When the Company carries out services such as bill payment (Stripe for invoice service)

We do not use clients’ information for marketing purposes and do not sell or share the
information to third parties without the clients’ explicit consent.

3. Security
The Company regards the security of personal information as very important. All our clients’
information is stored within HIPAA-compliant systems. Also, the Company employs the
following security measures to protect users’ personal information from any unauthorized
access, release, use or modification.
1) Establish and manage appropriate physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards to protect
clients’ personal identifiable information and protected health information
2) Restrict access to clients’ personal identifiable information to members who do not need
access in order to provide services
If the Company identifies a data breach, we will notify our customers promptly and take
appropriate measures. Additional steps will be taken in compliance with HIPAA if there is a
breach of patient data.

4. Clients’ Right
1) The clients or their legal representatives, as main agents of the information, may exercise
the following options regarding the collection, use and sharing of personal information by
the Company:
i.Provide right personal information
ii.Provide accurate personal and family health history information
iii.Modify or delete their personal information
iv.Revision of their health information if there is incorrect or incomplete information
In order to exercise the above options, the client may contact the Company via phone or
email. The Company will take reasonable and necessary measures.
2) The Company provides a summary of the client’s health information once a genetic
counseling session is completed. These consultation notes will be emailed securely to the
client via PDF attachment following the appointment. An additional copy can be provided at
no additional cost. All subsequent copies can be provided for a fee. A paper copy can also be
provided upon request for a fee.
3) If clients feel the Company violated their rights, they can submit a complaint by contacting
us below:
GeneticsMode, LLC (Attn: Arang Kim)
Phone: +1 (201) 443-5685
Clients may also file a complaint with the U.S. Department of Health and Human
Services Office for Civil Rights by mail, fax, email, or via the OCR Complaint Portal. For
more information, please refer to this website:
The Companyd will not retaliate against our clients for filing a complaint.

5. Sharing collected information
Except for the following cases, the Company will not share personal information with a third
1) If the client specifically provides written consent to share his or her personal information on
sites such as social networking sites or gives permission for sharing his or her personal
information to other clients for networking
2) If the information was legally required to be disclosed or if required to be disclosed to
investigative agencies for detecting crimes in accordance with the procedure and method as
prescribed in relevant laws and regulations
3) We may use or share non-personal identifiable information for health research

6. Protecting children’s privacy
Children under the age of 13 years should not use or access the Company’s services. A parent or
legal guardian/representative must be present if the service should be rendered for minors. The
Company have the right to refuse to provide our service directly to individuals under the age of

7. Cookies
The Company uses “cookies” in order to provide a personalized user experience, improve the
site, and analyze site traffic to improve services. Cookies are very small text files stored on the
users’ computer which providers the Company with information on how the site is used. Users
have the option to opt-out of or remove cookies. Please note that opting out of cookies may
limit access to certain features on the site.

Terms of Service for GeneticsMode LLC Please read the following terms and conditions carefully.

GeneticsMode, LLC (“the Company”) provides genetic counseling and genetic counseling consultation
services. The website has been designed to provide general information about the service provided by
the Company. By using the website and using counseling or consulting services of the Company, you are
agreeing to be bound by the following Terms of Service, including our Privacy Policy which can be found
at the bottom of the website.

1. Credentials
The Company’s genetic counselors are certified by the American Board of Genetic Counseling
(ABGC) and follows a scope of practice defined by the National Society of Genetic Counselors
(NSGC). The Company’s service cannot replace any advice and/or recommendations provided by
your physician(s) and other healthcare providers. Our genetic counseling services are not
intended for medical diagnosis or treatment.

2. Proprietary Rights
All the materials listed on the website and provided while rendering the service should not be
reproduced without authorization by the Company. The Company reserves all rights to the
relevant intellectual property.

3. Payment for Services
Once the service request form has been submitted by a client, the client will be contacted via
email to schedule an appointment. In order to reserve an appointment, the client must pay for
the service in advance.
1) Cancellation fee:
Any appointments cancelled less than 24 hours in advance will be charged a $50
cancellation fee.
2) Rescheduling request:
Rescheduling requests should be made at least 24 hours prior to the appointment. A $50
cancellation fee will be charged if an appointment occurring in less than 24 hours is
3) No show policy:
If an appointment is not attended, the full fee will be charged.
4) Follow up appointments:
If a follow up appointment is necessary due to the customer’s incomplete or inaccurate
information, a fee will be charged for another session.
5) Insurance:
The Company does not accept insurance. If the client wants to seek reimbursement through
their insurance, the Company may provide a copy of the receipt and other documents (if
any). The Company cannot advise on coverage or insurance related questions.
6) Genetic counseling consultation:
The Company and the client company will make a payment contract based on the level,
amount, and period of the project. Additional fees may apply for additional services not
listed in the contract.

4. Storing records
All the records including Protected Health Information (PHI) and Personal Identifiable
Information (PII) are stored in cloud-based systems with Google (G suite) with whom the
Company has a HIPAA Business Associate Agreement (BAA). These BAAs legally obligate third-
party companies to take measures to protect information from unauthorized use or disclosure.

5. Communications
1) Tele-genetic counseling service:
The Company uses Google Meet for the tele-genetic counseling services as part of its BAA
with Google (G suite).
2) Email:
The Company uses which is a part of the BAA with Google (G suite).
When the Company emails clients, confidential mode is utilized to help protect sensitive
information from unauthorized access. It allows for setting an expiration date and requiring
a passcode to open emails. Recipients will not have the option to forward, copy, print, or
download the message. We encourage our clients to turn on confidential mode when they
communicate with us. It is not the Company’s responsibility for the security of any
information clients send through unencrypted email.
3) Phone:
The Company uses a cellphone (carrier is T-mobile) that is password protected. Voicemails
are regularly checked and deleted after being heard. Voicemails are also password
protected. No PHI should be left in voicemails as the Company does not hold any
responsibility for the privacy and security of such information that are left on voicemails.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our Terms of Services, please contact us.

GeneticsMode, LLC (Attn: Arang Kim)
Phone: +1 (201) 443-5685

Effective as of September 1st, 2021